Last Chance to Save Lidsing


Bredhurst Parish Council along with residents from Lidsing, Hempstead and Lordswood are fighting to stop Lidsing from being concreted over but ……


Imagine standing on the bridge at Forge Lane and seeing 2000+ houses on every field as far as the eye can see. The bridge at the bottom of The Street will be demolished and a massive road junction will be built in the field adjacent to Kemsley Street to give access to the 2000+ houses. Consider the effect of over 4000+ additional cars in the area and the impact on Bredhurst.

On Monday 4th October, Maidstone Borough Council will decide the fate of Lidsing and we need you all to do two things:

1. Before the 4th October, EVERYONE needs to lobby the individual councillors who will be voting at that meeting. Lobbying can have a huge impact – so the more emails the better. Keep your email short and tell Cllrs how 2000+ houses will affect you. You may wish to mention;

· The wider implications of allowing development at Lidsing will give a green light to the same landowner who is pushing to develop the whole of Capstone Valley (Gibraltar Farm, East Hill, Darland View). In effect, it is not 2000+ houses they will be approving but over 3000.

· The devastating impact this proposal will have on Bredhurst, Lidsing, Hempstead and all surrounding areas.

· Years, if not decades, of disruption while building takes place putting a strain on Junction 4 of the M2 which already struggles to cope at peak times plus all the additional traffic through Bredhurst.

Please use your own words and use ‘Lidsing’ in the title of your email. Attach photos or maps to your email to reinforce your points. Please send your email to the following Cllrs (you can copy and paste the list below):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

2. Attend the Maidstone Borough Council meeting on MONDAY 4th OCTOBER. The meeting is in the Town Hall and starts at 5.30pm but we need you to arrive by 5pm at the latest. As the Cllrs arrive, we need them to see a crowd of people opposed to the development of Lidsing. Placards will be available on the day and we hope to have press coverage.


For more details visit the Bredhurst Parish Council FB page / Bredhurst Community FB Group or contact Cllr Jones on 07813 785940 /