Bredhurst Parish Council is considering setting up a Speedwatch scheme in the village. Before we purchase costly equipment, we are trying to borrow some from other parishes. However, we have been advised for a scheme to work effectively we would need around 20 volunteers. As a volunteer, you will work on a rota basis to help carry out Speedwatch checks through the village. You will receive training and will always work with an experienced, trained operator. Teams consist of 3-4 people who have different roles (noting vehicle registrations, make/model/speed etc). Data collected is forwarded to the Police who take appropriate action including sending letters, visiting persistent offenders or using the information we provide to determine when/what time of day speed traps would be most effective. If anyone is interested and would like further information, please contact Steve Hill at clerk@bredhurstpc.org.uk who will be happy to provide further information and is compiling a list of volunteers.https://www.kent.police.uk/speedwatch